Hi, I am Jena!

I am so excited about the opportunity to work with individuals just like you.  My business emerged out of my passion to help others succeed in their personal and professional lives by embracing change that affects us all at some point in our life.  It is the one thing that is constant.  Change happens.  Life happens.  Sometimes we are ready for it and we take it on full speed ahead without missing a step.  But there are other times when change occurs, and we are completely knocked off course.  It can happen and often does happen when we least expect it.  Sometimes it’s been on its way and we were so busy,  we failed to recognize it.  Then it hits and WOW, what the world!!

Well, I want to share with you my personal story, because it happened to me! Yes, it did and  I was knocked down, but happy to say not knocked out!   But it was a triple blow!

My entire life underwent a complete change.  I was in a marriage that no  longer worked. The job I loved was turning upside down and I couldn’t seem to do anything about, no matter how I tried. My family was crumbling and my financial situation had taken a turn south.  While I was healthy, with no known illnesses, my weight had ballooned  and my stress level climbed mimicking pain all over my body.   Despite looking like I had it all, I was miserable inside.  As I looked at what my  life had become, I was living in isolation from my family and close friends, because I was so unhappy that the guilt soon turned to shame.  Well, as time went on,  my marriage ended and one week later my job ended.  Perfect timing right? In the span of one week ,  24-year and 27-year relationships ended.  I knew at that point God was telling me it was time for a real change.  Now, forced to deal with everything that I had lost, including money and my home, I had to regroup.  It took months – but months that I needed to re-examine my life and decide what I needed to REBOOT.  There were certainly days that I didn’t want to face.  Days, where curled up in the bed  in a fetal position was the most comforting embrace I could imagine.  Days where keeping the lights off, seemed to hide my fears.    Slowly ,I managed through those days.  I took control of my life and owned my situation.   I worked my way back facing my fears and through my journey,  I learned so many valuable lessons about the strength of my faith, the value of positive thinking, the importance of special people in these situations, and what it means to take care of me.   I wrote my list, “What I Needed to Soar” and with perseverance , I  accomplished them all!

All those years, I had been so focused on everything and everybody else, that in the process I had loss me.  My To-Do list most days amounted to 10-20 items, on a good day, and no where was there a single To-Do for me.  My marriage and my career had completely consumed my being.  The more my marriage declined, the more time I invested in my career, sadly, as an escape for what I was missing in my personal life.  For 24 years I juggled marriage, family, career, business travel, childcare, school activities and everything that they all entailed.  I thought I did it well, until it all fell apart.  It was a wake up call and one that I needed.  As I look back, I am glad  I got the call.

I embraced the changes and declared victory for me.  Yes, I am better than before.  I have answered  the calling on my life, discovering and reclaiming my purpose.  Living intentionally every day focused on  things that matter. I feel liberated and free. My joy is back!

The lessons I learned I now want to share with you and others.  Life lessons that came at great expense, proved to be invaluable.  I will share with you lessons and techniques to overcome challenges, to deal with the guilt and shame of living in darkness, afraid to share your story for fear of judgement by others.  How to harness the power of faith, to trust God,  and your internal fortitude to climb through and out of the pain you feel being unfulfilled in a life, that no longer feels like it yours.

I hope my story is encouraging because I want you to know  that you are not alone, and what you are experiencing,  has happened to others and you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore.  If you relate to my story, I want to talk to you.  All you have to do is complete the contact form below.  It only takes 5 minutes to complete.  By completing the contact form below, it allows me to follow up with you to see how I can help and allows me to offer you a free consultation.  Additionally, I will register you for upcoming notices of my blog, JNotes.  I will post JNotes on topics to help you along your journey to the NEW YOU!  I am excited for you and that you are taking steps to move forward.

Make this year a better year!  It’s your year, Go Forward!